Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Grand Rounds 4.08

Dr. Anonymous, a versatile fellow who does radio casts, podcasts, mounts videos on his blog and writes a wonderful blog in addition to all the pyrotechnics, is hosting Grand Rounds this week. If accessing all these is difficult, you can be well satisfied just to read his blog.
I am pleased to be included at all and feel so pleased to be one of his five editor's picks. You can check out the entire 43 posts by clicking on his picture.

"Borneo Breezes tells the tale of a medical student cholera workshop in Uganda. (Great pictures!)As a result of their visit they learned that people in the fishing village were collecting drinking water from the Kazinga Channel frequented by hippos, water buffalo, elephants and a multitude of birds. Boiling was not regularly done because wood and money for fuel was in short supply. Oral rehydration packets in the health unit had all been used up. Juices were being made from unboiled water. Handwashing was not doine regularly and latrines were available in only one-third of the homes. So there were many possible sources for spread of cholera and much need of health education."



Blogger Dr. A said...

Thanks for the link to Grand Rounds. I've heard a lot of positive feedback on your post. Great job with this and keep telling your story....

7:00 AM  

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