Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Medical Blog Grand Rounds 3.4 is Up

Medical Grand Rounds 3.4 is up at Health Care Law Blog. It is an extensive collection of the past weeks medical blogs and covers everything from a Yupik funeral in Alaska to a story about body parts made from bread in Thailand. My tribute to Mohammed Yunus's Nobel Peace Prize can also be found. Enjoy by clicking on Health Care Blog above.



Blogger Borneo Breezes said...

From the Health Care Law Blog:

POVETRY: Borneo Breezes recognizes the contributions of Mohammed Yunus, a Bangaladeshi economist and founder of Grameem Bank, who will be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his effort at ending poverty through providing credit to the poorest of the poor.
My response, made to the second copy of the GR post.....
I thought I was seeing double! I think I was! I like being in the category Povetry- is it maybe the poetry of poverty? Not sure, but I like these word inversion!
This is the most eclectic version of Grand Rounds I have read and I am not even finished yet. Well done and thank you."

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