Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Medical Blog Grand Rounds

Especially for my students. This week The Examining Room of Dr. Charles is hosting Grand Rounds and has provided a wonderful collection of 57 medical blog selections from all across the blogosphere. If you click on the highlighted "Examining Room of Dr. Charles" you will go directly to Grand Rounds.

Once a week for the past 100 weeks there is a Medical Blog Grand Rounds. The host blog reviews submissions from medical bloggers and compiles a post on the host website. The post by the host has a short introduction to each featured blog and a hyperlink which allows you to click on it go directly to the featured blog. It is a good opportunity to check out a number of medical blogs which you might find interesting.

There is one blog called Aetiology that deals with epidemiology themes, especially infectious disease related. Several blogs with the intersection of life and medicine. My favourite is Tundra Medicine Dreams, a blog by a Physician Assistant in a tiny community in Alaska who writes about life and health in the Arctic. There is even one blog in the grand rounds which discusses a old childrens book about doctors. This week's Grand Rounds is a lovely collections of snapshots of different aspects of medicine. Borneo Breezes is pleased to have Hazy Daze featured somewhere in the middle. Enjoy.

I am celebrating that I have solved my problem with loading pictures. I actually counted down 404 lines manually located char 5 and then didn't know what to do. So I looked at other lines and thought maybe I should line it up with them. And presto, it worked. Either that or someone in the innards of my computer finally heard my cries and answered me.



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