Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Harvest Plus Cooking Demonstration in Kibaare

Kibaare Balanced Meal 
Each VHT brought two community women and children to the Kibaare Cooking Demonstration.  The VHTs were all wearing their identifying T-Shirts.  They also brought along food from their own gardens.   As most mothers in this area know how to cook both beans and sweet potatoes, Angella and I used it as an opportunity for health education.  While we waited for people to arrive we had the VHTs colour in two small versions of the posters for use in one-on-one health education.

Deus with Food Wheel 
On our arrival wood for the fire was obtained.  While the community members peeled and chopped the vegetables, VHTs began colouring their health education material.  Angella made a presentation using the Harvest Plus poster.  VHTs were very reluctant to do presentations, suggesting that they have not been practicing how to do so in their training and/or do not have the confidence yet.  Finally two were coaxed to do a Health Talk, which was mostly talking and did not include questions until prompting.
VHTs Colour Food Wheels
Dovinia Colours Her Food Wheel
As we had brought with us vaccines from the Health Center III for Immunization Day a large number of mothers with young children were gathered on the Kibaare Health Center II porch, at one point numbering over 25.   VHTs were requested to go to the health center porch to do health education for the women waiting in line.  Keneth, the health worker, stepped in to assist them.
Angella Tells Stone Soup Story
Angella did a Flannel Board demonstration of Stone Soup which was watched avidly.  One of the VHTs started to do a return demonstration but when she lost her place in the story, a community member stepped in to assist. 
Community Member Does Stone Soup
For the large group of mothers with infants gathered on the porch of the Kibaare Health Center one of the male VHTs, Deus presented Stone Soup flannel board.  He is a great story-teller and did a wonderful job.
Deus Demonstrates on Clinic Porch

When the HEd pictures were coloured, they were mounted on the clinic wall with the best in each of the 5 different scenes given a small prize.   VHTs who finished two pictures put their names on them.  These will be laminated by Angella for them so they can be used in one-to-one health education.

A large amount of food was brought by the VHTs and cooked by them including many OSP which were steamed in their skins.  These were placed in an Ankole basket and distributed to some of the kids around.  There were 18 VHTs and approximately 25 mothers and children invited.
Beautifully Mended Sufuria
The bean harvest in this area appears to be bountiful.  One of the VHTs asked us what she could do with so many beans!  We suggested that if she was successful in telling her community members about the benefits of these beans, she would likely have more requests and customers for them than she could manage.  
During the day, I found myself mesmerized by the beautiful repair of the large cooking pot suitable for a community dinner. It had been mended in four distinct jobs, exquisitely, as you can see.



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