Monday, July 21, 2008

The Fascinating Art of Truck Back Panels

It is true. I love the truck art here in Pakistan.

Look at these two winged cenotaurs with female heads. Where else would you see this? All of it is hand painted. It doesn't look to me like it is even silkscreened but I could be wrong. Occassionally I notice that many of the trucks at a single truck stop appear to have similar styles or choice of symbols but that could be a result of hanging out together or going to the same places.

I wonder if anyone has studied this folk art? Maybe, I think it could be a way to connect with the truck drivers, who are very pleased when you want to take pictures of their vehicles.

How about this glorious eagle?

And this free white horse?

I was having such fun taking these pictures that they gave me a toy truck all decorated, a very large toy truck.



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